How Many Pounds Of Ribs Per Person? [Completed Guide]

Grilling for a large number of people is an extremely demanding endeavour.

It’s important to cook enough so that you don’t run out, but also to avoid wasting food.

Ribs, being both tasty and filling, are a crowd-pleasing culinary option.

But how many pounds per visitor should you buy to ensure there will be enough food?

In general, Ribs should be served at a rate of 3/4 to 1 pound per person.

Standard portion control, such as the amount of pounds of ribs per person, will, however, change from one type of meat or cut to another and from one way of cooking to another.

So that you never again have to worry about not having enough tasty ribs on hand, we’ll break down the number of ribs required for different-sized gatherings in this piece.

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How Many Pounds Of Ribs Per Person?

pounds of ribs to prepare for the perfect barbecue


It can be a challenging task to decide how many pounds of ribs to prepare for a wonderful barbecue and how to prepare them.

Different people have different appetites, and the fact that ribs may be somewhat messy and difficult to portion out doesn’t help matters.

Plan on supplying one pound of ribs for each guest at your barbeque so that you can be certain it will be a successful event.

This quantity ought to be sufficient to provide each individual with a sufficient opportunity to experience the delicious flavour without leaving anyone wanting more or resulting in any food being wasted that was not consumed.

When purchasing raw meat, it is essential to bear in mind that the actual yield will be much lower due to the loss of a significant quantity of moisture and fat during the process of smoking or grilling the meat. This must be kept in mind because the real yield will be significantly smaller.

When it comes to yield, one general rule of thumb states that the lesser the yield will be, the higher the fat content of the meat will be, and vice versa.

When it comes to the logistics of preparing an event, experts frequently recommend allotting between three-quarters of a pound and one pound of ribs to each of the guests in attendance.

The following chart will provide you a rough estimate for establishing the number of ribs or pounds that should be served to each individual in accordance with the size of a hearty portion:

Ribs Type Actual Yield* Approximate Number/ Pounds of Ribs Per Person (Cooked) Features
Baby Back Ribs 50% Half a rack or 6 ribs Tender and Lean, High-in-demand.
Beef Ribs (Large Size) 85% 2-3 ribs Distinctive salty/ umami taste.
Racks (Pork) 60% 1 ½ pound Can have about 8-13 ribs. Juicy & flavorful comfort food. Blends well with a variety of sauces and marinades.
Spare ribs 70% 4-5 ribs Flatter, more juicier, and tender.
Brisket (Beef) 50% 3 ounces (6 servings for 6 pounds of brisket) Crispy and chewy. Reduced Fat and Moisture. It is a tough cut of meat.
Beef Tenderloin 75% 6 ounces Expensive, low-fat, and lean cut.
Pork Loin 70% 8 ounces Lean cut, relatively inexpensive, and generally served as boneless.


*It is essential to keep in mind that the act of cooking causes meat to lose somewhere in the neighbourhood of 25 percent of its total weight.

The method of preparation that was utilised was going to be the primary factor in determining the actual yield.

For instance, rather than braising the beef, baking or roasting it will produce a higher yield than the traditional method.

In the Case Of Lamb Chops

If you are thinking about making lamb chops, then these will offer you a yield that is somewhere between 45 and 50 percent.

A serving size of 8 ounces of meat from a lamb leg bone would be considered to be quite ample.

To put this in a more understandable light, assuming you have invited ten people to your party, the total number of ribs that you will need is:

  • With One Side Dish: 100 ribs or 120 ounces of a 7.5-pound rack of ribs
  • With Three Side Dishes – 70 Ribs or 80 Ounces if you order 5 Pounds of Ribs.

You can get a general approximation of the total serving size by multiplying the number of visitors by this simple calculation, which gives you the total number of servings needed.

How Many Ribs In A Pound?

The ribs can be found in the back of the animal. Because there are less muscles in this part of the animal, the meat is often more tender.

Compared to pig ribs, beef back ribs tend to have a higher fat content.

Usually, a full rack of pork ribs has 13 separate ribs and weighs between 3 and 4 pounds.

If the meat is trimmed regularly, each pound could have up to two or three ribs.

Baby back rib racks usually have between 10 and 13 individual ribs that are between 3 and 6 inches long and weigh between 1.5 and 2 pounds each.

A full rack of beef ribs usually has seven to nine separate ribs and weighs between three and four pounds.

On the other hand, you can only buy whole slabs very rarely in a business setting.

You can buy beef short plate ribs, beef chuck ribs, or beef back ribs.

Short plate ribs are often thought to be one of the best kinds of meat for barbecuing because they have a lot of meat as well as fat.

In general, beef ribs are about 7 to 8 inches long, which is much longer than pig ribs.

What Are The Factors For Determining Ribs Per Person?

1- Number Of People 

When figuring out how many ribs to serve each person, the first thing to think about is how many people you are feeding.

If you are cooking for a large group, you will need to make more ribs than if you are cooking for a smaller group.

2- Appetites 

Another thing to think about is how hungry the people you are feeding are. Some people may be hungry and want more ribs than others.

If you are feeding both adults and children, you should know that the kids will probably eat less than the adults.

3- Type Of Event

The amount of ribs per person will also depend on what kind of event you are having.

If you’re having a casual party, you probably won’t need as many ribs as you would for a formal dinner party.

4-What Time Is It?

Also, the time of day can change how many ribs you need per person.

If your event is in the afternoon, people will probably want less ribs than if it is in the evening.

5-The length of the event

The length of the event is another thing to think about. People will probably want less ribs if the event is short than if it is long.

6- How Big The Animal Is

One of the main things that determines how many ribs each person will get is the size of the animal.

A small animal won’t have as many ribs as a big one.

7- Other Food 

Lastly, you should think about what other kinds of food will be served at the event.

People will probably want less ribs if there are other heavy foods on the menu than if there are only light dishes.

How Many Pounds Of Ribs Based On Calories Per Serving?

ribs to prepare for a meal

When figuring out how many pounds of ribs to cook for a meal, you need to think about how many pieces you want and how many calories each one should have.

The USDA says that a healthy adult should get at least three meals of protein every day and that no main dish should have more than 600 calories.

Since each dish of ribs has 75–100 grammes of protein and four ounces of rib meat has 68–90 grammes of meat, it is easy to figure out how many ribs you need based on your calorie needs.

Just divide the highest number of calories by 68 or 90 to find out how many grammes you need to make.

For example, a person who wants 450 calories per meal would need a little more than seven ounces (or 211 grams) of rib meat.

How Many Pounds Of Short Ribs Per Person?

It might be hard to figure out how much short rib you need per person for a meal.

Most of the time, it’s best to give each adult 3/4 lb of meat.

For adults who want to eat a lot, 1 lb would be a better choice. If you are working with children, who might not eat as much, a half-pound would be enough.

When figuring out how many short ribs you need, it’s also important to think about the sides.

No matter how hungry you are, 1/2 pound should be enough if it is served with mashed potatoes and grilled veggies.

How Many Calories In A Rack Of Ribs?

Even though each rack of ribs is different, in general, a full rack of ribs has between 351 and 800 calories.

It all depends on how many ribs you get and how they are cooked.

If you’re frying your own, try using a low-calorie marinade or less oil while cooking to cut down on those extra calories.

Of course, if you eat BBQ ribs at a restaurant, they may have added sugar and fat to their recipes to make them taste better, which means they have a lot more calories.

How Should Keep Ribs Warm When Cooking For Large Groups?

cooked ribs

Use an oven-safe baking dish with a tight-fitting lid that spreads heat evenly to keep them warm.

Put the cooked ribs in the dish and cover them completely with foil. Then put the dish in an oven that has already been heated to 250°F.

This slow and steady heat will keep the ribs warm without drying them out or cooking them too much.

Check the temperature every 15 minutes or so, because too much heat can cause burning and a bad taste.

Even if you’re cooking for a big group, you can make great ribs if you pay attention and plan ahead.


How Many Pounds Of St Louis Ribs Per Person?

The general rule is that each person should get one pound of St. Louis ribs.

If your friends like to eat a lot, though, you might want to make two pounds per person for a heartier meal.

It’s better to overestimate than underestimate to make sure there’s enough food for everyone. No one wants to run out of food!

How Many Pounds Of Beef Ribs Per Person?

Depending on the type of beef ribs you’re offering, the recommended amount per person is between 3/4 and 1 pound.

Backribs have more meat on each rib than either short or plate ribs, so an average 350g back rib is enough for one person, while a 400g amount is enough for two.

How much meat you want to give each person and how big each rib is also can affect how many you should serve.

How Many Boneless Short Ribs Per Person?

In general, if you are making a major dish meal, you should buy about 1/3 pound of boneless short ribs per person.

If the boneless short ribs will be used as an appetiser or snack, you should plan to buy between 1/4 and 1/2 pound per person.

How Many Baby Back Ribs For 10 Adults?

If you want to feed ten people baby back ribs, a good rule of thumb is to give each adult at least four racks of baby back ribs.

This should be enough for everyone to enjoy, and if anyone wants more, they can have it.


It can be hard to know how many ribs to cook for each person.

But if you serve 3/4 to 1 pound of meat per person, as suggested, you should have enough for everyone to enjoy.

When in doubt, make more rather than less – leftovers are always welcome!

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