How To Cook Thin Sirloin Tip Steak In A Pan? (Flavorful and Fast!)

Are you ready to improve your cooking skills and cook a delicious meal in your own kitchen?

Look no further as we present the ultimate guide on how to cook thin sirloin tip steak in a pan.

Say goodbye to overcooked and tough steaks, it’s time to unlock the secrets to a perfect pan-seared sirloin tip steak in minutes!

To cook thin sirloin tip steak in a pan, start by heating a well-seasoned skillet over high heat.

But before we dive into the steps, here’s the short answer you’ve been waiting for.

Thin sirloin tip steak should be cooked in a hot, well-seasoned pan for 2 to 3 minutes per side, and then it should rest for a few minutes before being sliced and served for the best taste and tenderness.

Now Lets  dive into the detailed process to cook thin sirloin Tip steak in a pan:

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How To Cook Thin Sirloin Tip Steak In A Pan?

How To Cook Thin Sirloin Tip Steak In A Pan?

To cook thin sirloin tip steak in a pan, heat a well-seasoned pan over high heat. You can add salt and pepper to the steak, or any other spices you like.

Put a little oil in the hot pan, and then carefully place the steak in the pan.

Cook for 2 to 3 minutes on each side, turning only once, until it’s as done as you want it.

For a steak that is medium-rare, the core temperature should be between 54 and 57°C (130-135°F).

Wait a few minutes before slicing and serving the steak to make sure it is as juicy and flavorful as possible.

Enjoy your sirloin tip steak that was cooked just right.

Choosing The Right Cut

It’s important to choose the right cut of sirloin tip steak if you want to cook it well.

Here’s why it’s important to choose thinly sliced sirloin tip steak, as well as a tenderizing method and a delicious marinade:

1- Thinly Sliced Steak:

Sirloin tip steak that has been thinly sliced cooks quickly and evenly so it doesn’t get tough or overdone.

Thin slices let the marinade taste soak in better, making for a more flavorful steak.

2- Tenderizing Procedure:

Prime beef cuts are usually more tender than sirloin tip steak.

So, a process called “tenderizing” breaks down the muscle fibers and makes the steak more tender.

Some ways to make meat more soft are to pound it with a meat mallet or marinate it with acidic ingredients.

3- Flavorful Marinade:

The sirloin tip steak tastes better and has more depth when it is marinated in a delicious sauce.

Most marinades have a mix of things like oil, acid (like vinegar or lemon juice), herbs, spices, and seasonings2.

The marinade helps to add taste to the steak and also makes the meat more tender.

When cooking sirloin tip steak in a pan, you can make sure it tastes good and is tender by using thinly sliced meat, tenderizing it, and marinating it in a tasty sauce.

Preparing The Steak

Preparing The Steak

1- Gather Your Ingredients and Equipment

Ingredients Equipment
Thin sirloin tip steaks Well-seasoned skillet
Salt and pepper (or preferred seasonings) Tongs
Oil (e.g., vegetable oil, canola oil) Stovetop
Paper towels (for patting steaks dry)

Make sure you get thin sirloin tip steaks from a trusted source that are of good quality.

Get your favorite spice mix or marinade ready to add more taste.

Make sure your pan is well-seasoned to keep food from sticking and to improve the sizzling process.

2- Preparing The Steak

To get a perfect sear, pat the steaks dry with paper towels to get rid of any extra water that could stop them from cooking.

If you want the steaks to have more taste and be more tender, marinate them before cooking.

Put them in the fridge for at least 30 minutes to let the tastes soak into the meat.

Also, for even cooking, take the steaks out of the fridge 30 minutes before you cook them to bring them to room temperature.

This will make sure that the steak cooks properly all the way through.

3- Seasoning The Steak

In addition to salt and pepper, try adding garlic powder, smoked paprika, or your favorite spices to give your food a personal touch.

Before you season the steaks, rub them with a mixture of soy sauce and olive oil.

This will give them a taste that is full of umami.

Gently rub the spice into the meat to make sure it sticks well and improves the flavor.

4- Preheating The Skillet

Let the pan heat up on high heat for at least 3–5 minutes, or until it gets the perfect temperature for a sear.

To see if the pan is ready, drop a few drops of water on it.

If the water sizzles and evaporates right away, the pan is ready.

Consider using a cast-iron pan to keep heat in and cook food evenly.

5- Adding Oil

Choose an oil with a high smoke point to keep it from catching fire.

Grapeseed oil and avocado oil are both good choices.

Use just enough oil to cover the bottom of the pan and give the steak a thin, crisp crust.

Tilt the pan to make sure the oil covers the whole area evenly.

6- Searing The Steak

To get a perfect sear, don’t crowd the pan with too many steaks.

This can make the steaks steam instead of brown.

If you need to, cook the steaks in batches so that each one has enough room to brown properly.

When putting steaks in the pan, always lay them away from you so that oil doesn’t splash in your direction.

Don’t move the steaks around while they’re cooking, or the crust won’t be even and pretty. Instead, let them sit still for a uniform and delicious sear.

7- Flipping And Cooking The Other Side

To turn the steaks over, gently lift them with tongs, making sure not to cut the meat so that its juices stay inside.

Use a timer to keep track of how long the food is cooking.

Meat can become tough very quickly if it is cooked for too long.

Change the heat as needed to keep the sizzling sound going while you cook the other side.

8- Checking Doneness

For an accurate measure, put the meat thermometer in the steak’s thickest part, away from any bones or fat.

Remember that the steak’s internal temperature will continue to rise a little while it rests, so try to cook it a few degrees less than you want it.

Check the USDA standards for safe cooking temperatures if you want to cook your food to a different level of doneness.

9- Resting The Steak

During the sitting time, cover the steaks with aluminum foil to keep them warm and stop heat loss.

Give the steaks about 5 minutes to rest. This lets the muscle fibers relax and keeps the juices inside.

If you can resist the urge to cut into the steaks right away, they will be juicy and full of flavor.

10 Slicing And Serving

To make the steak as soft as possible, always cut across the muscle fibers, against the grain.

This method makes sure that you cut through the fibers, making each bite more tender and easy to chew.

Once the steak is cut, place it artistically on a warm platter, adding a touch of elegance with fresh herbs or a drizzle of olive oil.

Lastly, serve your delicious pan-seared sirloin tip steak with your favorite sides, like roasted vegetables, garlic mashed potatoes, or a crisp salad, to make a delicious and filling meal that will leave everyone at the table pleased.

11- Clean Up

Once the pan has cooled, wash it by hand with warm water and light soap to keep the seasoning.

Carefully get rid of any grease or dust, and don’t use abrasive pads that could scratch the surface.

Keep the skillet in a dry place and make sure it’s fully dry to keep it from rusting and to keep it from sticking.


Is Sirloin Tip Steak Good For Pan Frying?

Sirloin is one of the best steaks to cook on a regular basis.

This cut is big enough for a family and is tender and tasty. It’s also easy to find and cheaper than a New York strip or steak.

All you have to do is season it and cook it in a pan with garlic butter.

The result will be a delicious meal that will impress your family without breaking the bank.

So, why wait for a special event when you can enjoy a delicious sirloin steak any day of the week?

How Do You Know When Thin Steak Is Done?

The “Fist Test” is another option. If you make a relaxed fist and poke the fleshy part of your hand between your thumb and middle finger, that’s how a rare steak feels.

If you make a little more of a fist, that’s about the same as medium.

And finally, a tightly closed hand will feel like a steak that’s been cooked to perfection.

Is 1 Inch Steak Too Thin?

Most high-end steaks, like ribeye and striploin, are about 1 inch thick.

This is the minimum thickness we suggest for pan-searing to get a good balance between a crusty outside and a juicy inside.

But many foodies say that steaks cut to a thickness of 1.5 inches are the best because they give you more control over how done you want the meat to be while still keeping it soft.

How Long To Fry Steak Per Side?

For a steak that is 22 mm thick, a good rule of thumb is to cook it for 2 minutes on each side for rare, 3–4 minutes on each side for medium-rare, and 4–6 minutes on each side for medium.

For well done, cook for 2–4 minutes on each side, then turn the heat down and cook for another 4–6 minutes.

How Do I Tenderize The Sirloin Tip Steak?

Prime beef cuts are usually more tender than sirloin tip steak.

So, a process called “tenderizing” breaks down the muscle fibers and makes the steak more tender.

Tenderizing the meat can be done by beating it with a meat mallet or putting it in a marinade with acidic ingredients.

How long should you let the steak rest before serving?

Before giving the sirloin tip steak, it is best to let it rest for 5 minutes.

This lets the juices move around so that the meat is the most soft when you serve it. When the steak is done cooking, put it on a plate or cutting board and cover it with aluminum foil to keep it warm.

This important step lets the steak rest and keep its juices, which makes the steak more tender and delicious.

By giving the steak a few minutes to rest, you can make sure it is juicy and delicious when you serve it.

Do I Need Oil Or Butter To Cook Steak?

Many oils have higher smoke points than butter, which makes them a better choice for cooking steak.

Also, some oils, like olive oil or grape seed oil, are better for you than butter because they have healthy unsaturated fats and vitamins.

These oils can make the steak taste better and are good for your heart at the same time.


Cooking thin sirloin tip steak in a pan is an easy and tasty way to cook this cut of meat.

Choosing the right cut of steak, like sirloin tip steak that has been sliced thinly, is important for a good cooking experience.

Steak can taste better and be more tender if you tenderize the meat and use a delicious marinade.

When cooking meat in a pan, the key to getting a perfect crust and a juicy center is to sear it right.

Lastly, olive oil or grape seed oil, which have higher smoke points than butter, can be a healthier option to butter while still adding flavor to the dish.

By using these tips and tricks, you can cook a delicious and tender sirloin tip steak in a pan.

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