Pit Boss 600 Review- All You Need To Know!

Are you looking to invest in a high-quality charcoal grill with the ultimate cooking experience?

Look no further – the Pit Boss 600 is perfect for you!

Featuring an innovative design, durable construction, and plenty of grilling space, this multifunctional smoker will have everyone asking if they can come over for backyard barbecues.

Here we’ll be breaking down every feature that makes the Pit Boss 600 so special, from the insightful customer reviews to helpful buying information.

So you know exactly what to expect when picking out your new piece of outdoor cookware.

Pit Boss Pro Series II, 600 Wood Pellet Grill

Pit Boss Pro Series II

The Pit Boss Pro Stock II 600 Wood Fuel Grill is an excellent choice for any outdoor cook.

It comes with an impressive set of features designed to make your grilling experience easy and convenient.

With up to 600 square inches of primary cooking area, you can easily fit a feast onto one grill.

You’ll also be able to achieve a variety of temperatures with just the flick of a dial.

Thanks to the dual LED readout controllers that let you adjust both heat and smoke levels engineered into the grill, with its heavy-duty steel construction, large wheels, and locking caster.

Wheelset is easy to move around your backyard whenever necessary.

From juicy steaks and burgers to delicious sides and desserts, you’re sure to impress guests with every barbecue meal made on the Pit Boss Pro Series II.

The Pit Boss 600 comes with a whopping hopper space that can hold up to 12 pounds of food, an easy clean-out hole, iron grates, and a front and bottom shelf to accommodate the most amount of food possible.

The clients are able to utilize this run-of-the-mill device without fear or worry because it comes with a warranty that lasts for five years.

Features Of Pit Boss 600

1- Construction

The construction of a Pitboss 600 starts with a sturdy powder-coated steel frame, which serves both aesthetically and functionally as the foundation of the grill.

Other components include four caster wheels for easy portability, stainless steel latches, and a bright LED display that comes preprogrammed with six cooked temperatures ideal for creating the perfect cooking surface.

The firebox is lined with professional-grade 14-gauge stainless steel to minimize heat loss and particle exposure, ensuring your food stays consistently cooked every time you step behind the Pitboss 600.

2- Grilling Performance

The Pit Boss 600 is great for outdoor grilling.

It is a vertical wood pellet smoker and grill with plenty of cooking space between the two chambers.

The digital temperature control gives precision cooking for various food, featuring an electric auto-start ignition to quickly get your grilling up and running.

There are eight smoke settings available on this unit, allowing you to get the taste and flavor that you desire in all your grilled favorites.

3- 600 sq. In. Of Grilling Surface 

The Pit Boss 600 pellet grill provides 600 square inches of grilling surface, making it perfect for cooking up to 24 burgers at a time.

The grill also features a porcelain-coated cooking grid that is easy to clean and provides even heat distribution.

4- Digital Control Panel With Led Display 

The digital control panel on the Pit Boss 600 pellet grill makes it easy to set and monitor the temperature of the grill.

The LED display shows the current temperature as well as the set temperature, so you can always be sure that your food is cooking at the right temperature.

5- Automatic Shut-Off 

The automatic shut-off feature on the Pit Boss 600 pellet grill ensures that your food will never overcook.

If the temperature inside the grill gets too high, the grill will automatically shut off, preventing your food from burning.

6- Easy Assembly 

The Pit Boss 600 pellet grill is easy to assemble, so you can get started grilling sooner rather than later.

All of the necessary hardware and instructions are included, so you won’twon’t have any trouble putting the grill together.

7- Two Meat Probes Included 

The Pit Boss 600 pellet grill comes with two meat probes, so you can keep an eye on the internal temperature of your food as it cooks.

The probes attach to the digital control panel, making it easy to monitor the temperature of your food without opening the lid of the grill.

8- 5-Year Warranty 

The Pit Boss 600 pellet grill comes with a 5-year warranty, so you can be confident that it will last for many years.

If anything goes wrong with the grill, simply contact customer service, and they will help you resolve the issue.

9- Made In America 

The Pit Boss 600 pellet grill is proudly made in America, so you can support local businesses when you purchase this product.

10- The Pit Boss 600 Is A Great Value For The Money.

You get a lot of features and performance for the price of the Pit Boss 600.

It is one of the most affordable pellet grills on the market but does not sacrifice quality or features.

What Makes Pit Boss Pro 600 Series Different From The Previous Models?

There are two different divisions that you can compete in during the Pit Boss Pro Series.

First-generation (Gen 1) models include things like the 850, 1100, and 1600, whereas second-generation models include things like the 600 Pro.

The first-generation models include things like the 850, 1100, and 1600. (Gen 2).

But how is it different from the model of the previous generation, Gen 1 600? Keep reading to find out more information! Pit Boss

1- Pro Series Gen 1 Review

Before discussing the new Gen 2 Pit Boss 600, we must examine the current models.

The initial Pro Series models, Pit Boss 820 and 1100, with 820 and 1100 square inches of cooking space.

These pellet barbecues have warming racks, cast iron grates, and direct-flame broilers for flawless sears.

Pit Boss 820’s820’s 19-pound hopper seems odd. Why not all 20 pounds?

The Pro Series 1100 has a larger 35-pound hopper that lasts 16 hours.

These grills have “time-dependent” temperature controls. The controller’scontroller’s drawback is that it sets the temperature in 25-degree increments.

Thus, this generation cannot provide temperature precision.

The pellet fan or feed auger is turned on and off until the desired temperature is reached. 

2- Pit Boss Pro Series Gen 2 Review

Okay, now that we’ve covered that, let’slet’s talk about the more recent versions of the Pro Series and how much better (or worse?) they are.

Because Lowe’sLowe’s has an exclusive relationship with Pit Boss, the only place you can buy these grills is there; therefore, you need to be prepared to do some driving to get them.

Pit Boss Pro 600, 850, 1150, and 1600 are the four models that are included in the improved Gen 2 of the Pro Series.

These models are somewhat comparable to the Gen 1 in terms of their structure, and just like all other Pit Boss models, the model number denotes the size of the cooking area in each of these models.

Regrettably, the temperature meter that was previously located on the hood has been removed from the Gen-2 design.

However, in order to make up for this deficit, a number of novel advancements have also been achieved in recent years.

How Does The Pit Boss 600 Work?

Pit Boss dealer for recommendations

1- Season your smoker before using it for the first time.

Seasoning your smoker will help to prevent it from rusting and will also give it a nice flavor.

To season your smoker, simply rubs some cooking oil on all of the surfaces that will come into contact with food.

Then, heat the smoker up to its highest temperature and let it run for at least an hour.

2- Choose your wood chips.

The type of wood you use will impact the flavor of your food. If you’re you’re not sure what type of wood to use, ask your local Pit Boss dealer for recommendations.

Before using your wood chips, soak them in water for a minimum of 30 minutes. This will keep them from burning out too quickly. 

Preheat your smoker to the desired temperature. For most foods, You should smoke at temperatures ranging from 225 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. 

3- Place your food on the grill grates and close the lid.

Let your food smoke for the recommended amount of time-based on the type of food you’re-you’re cooking. For example, chicken breasts will take less time to smoke than a whole chicken or pork shoulder.

Remove your food from the grill grates and allow it to rest for at least 5 minutes before serving. This will allow the juices to redistribute, resulting in juicier and more flavorful meat.

What Are The Benefits Of Using The Pit Boss 600?

1- Perfect For Large Gatherings

The Pit Boss 600 is perfect for large gatherings, as it can cook up to 60 burgers at a time.

This means that you can feed a large group of people without having to worry about running out of food.

Additionally, the Pit Boss 600 has a built-in warming drawer that keeps food warm until it is ready to be served.

2- Easy To Use

The Pit Boss 600 is easy to use, even for those who have never used a grill before.

The grill comes with an instructional DVD that guides you through the process of assembling the grill and cooking your first meal.

Additionally, the Pit Boss 600 has a user-friendly control panel that makes it easy to adjust the temperature and cooking time.

3- Versatile

The Pit Boss 600 is a versatile grill that can be used to cook a variety of different foods.

In addition to burgers, the Pit Boss 600 can be used to cook steak, chicken, fish, and vegetables.

This means that you can use the grill for cooking an entire meal rather than just one component of it.

4- Durable

The Pit Boss 600 is made from high-quality materials that are designed to withstand repeated use.

The body of the grill is made from powder-coated steel, while the cooking grates are made from porcelain-coated cast iron.

This means that the grill will last for many years, even with heavy use.

5- Affordable

The Pit Boss 600 is an affordable option for those looking for a quality grill.

It is priced well below other comparable grills on the real economy, making it an excellent value.

Additionally, the Pit Boss 600 comes with a number of accessories, such as a cover and a set of tongs, which further increase its value.

How Do I Set Up The Pit Boss 600?

Setting up your Pit Boss 600 is a straightforward and pain-free process.

Most of the critical components arrive preassembled, so you don’t need to worry about dedicating hours of your day to getting it set up.

First things first, check inside the package and make sure all the necessary parts are included.

Then gather your tools, such as pliers and wrenches, and get ready to start assembling the legs on either side of the grill.

Once those have been securely attached, you can add the main body of the smoker onto its legs.

Finally, attach the lid and accessory components (like thermometers) where applicable – and voila!

Your Pit Boss 600 is now ready to master that perfect smoked meal.

How Do I Clean The Pit Boss 600?

To ensure your Pit Boss 600 is always performing at its best, regular cleaning is important.

Start by taking out all cooking grates, charcoal or flame diffusers, and combustion plates.

Using a soft brush or rags, remove ash buildup from the vents and other components.

To clean the outside of the smoker, unplug it first, then use a damp cloth with mild detergent.

After cleaning, you can cover it with a tarp or sheet to help protect it from dirt and dust until you are ready to use it again.

Along with regular cleanings, make sure you monitor the condition of the parts in your smoker and replace worn parts when needed to keep your Pit Boss 600 running like new.

What Type Of Fuel Does The Pit Boss 600 Use?

The Pit Boss 600 is an outdoor, wood pellet grill that utilizes natural hardwood to generate the flavors and aromas that make it a favorite amongst barbecue fans.

This type of grill runs on hardwood pellets made from compressed natural sources such as sawdust, wood chips, and plant matter, all of which are 100% renewable and sustainable resources.

The advantages of these pellets are clear – not only do they provide an unbeatable flavor profile to food items cooked on the Pit Boss 600, but they are also clean-burning with no open flames or chemical contaminants. 

Key Features Of The Pit Boss 600 Grill

The Pit Boss 600 Grill

  1. The Pit Boss 600 is a pellet smoker that uses 100% natural hardwood pellets to create smoke.
  2. It has a digitally controlled screen that allows you to adjust the temperature from 180°F to 500°F, as well as the cooking time.
  3. Smoking also has a meat inquiry that indicates when the meat is done.
  4. The Pit Boss 600 also features a stainless steel fire pot and a porcelain-coated cooking grate.
  5. It has a hopper capacity of 18 pounds, which is enough to smoke for hours at a time.
  6. The smoker is also equipped with an automatic shut-off feature that kicks in when the temperature gets too high.
  7. Finally, the Pit Boss 600 comes with a one-year warranty, so you can be sure that it will last for years to come.

Final Words

To say that the Pit Boss 600 is one of the best models in the Pit Boss Pro Series would not be an inaccurate statement at all.

It is unquestionably one of the greatest pellet grills available due to the fact that it has an intelligent design, an innovative control panel, and a user-friendly cleaning mechanism.

Therefore, if you are also a fan of barbecuing like we are, you should do everything in your power to acquire one of these neat little appliances.

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